Introducing of Food Grade Jumbo Bags

The jumbo bags are a good ideal for storing or transporting a wide range of dry food products including minerals, agricultural products, chemicals and construction materials, food packing etc.


  1. Chemicals and paint material
  2. Building and landscape material
  3. Cement, paving material, sand, soil and clay
  4. Food products: bans, peanuts, grains, sugar, salt, meat coffee
  5. Agriculture: seeds, grains, fertilizers etc.
  6. Pharmaceuticals industry
  7. Plastic material industry
  8. Powder and ingredients.
  9. Body kit material

All of this are recommended for jumbo bags for easy transportation. We export our product more then 20 countries and regions such as:

Our biggest customer South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Mali, Japan, Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and United State.

Food Grade Material New Jumbo Bags

Food Grade Jumbo Bags for exclusive use with food or pharmaceutical grade product. All our produced bags are guarantee manufacturing from 100% virgin polypropylene resin, which meet “FDA food grade” with “Halal certificate” specifically for food grade product such as salt, flour, baby milk powder and etc or chemical industry such as chemical powdered, granular form and etc.

The prime consideration when dealing with product of the type is providing a jumbo bags which is not only scrupulously clean but also clinically sterile, to eliminate any risk of contamination to the product being transported. Food and pharmaceutical grade jumbo bags must be manufactured in “BRC certified facilities” that meet the highest standards in facilities which produced at clean factory level.

All our food grade jumbo bags production are “BRC Accredited” our jumbo bags are manufactured under food grade and pharma conditions, including full traceability system.

Ultrasonic cutting fabric
Separate clean room facilities
Heat sealed threads
Airwash treatment of fabric
Halal certified
Clean table
Pet control
Proper factory ventilation
HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point)

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